A New “Mile”stone! 500

Today was the day Barry broke the 500 miles walking mark!  His brand new Titleist golf bag is already fraying, and his feet are sore.  (imagine!)

Nothing a little (very little) rest and epsom salts won’t take care of….

One thought on “A New “Mile”stone! 500”

  1. Found myself paired with Barry and two others today at The Hills. This was the first time meeting Barry but I learned a lot about his quest during our round. Had the thrill of (very nearly) witnessing a hole-in-one but the flagstick narrowly rejected the try so only a birdie two for Barry. Blows me away that he can carry his clubs, play 54 holes or more in a day from the tips (back/black tees) and still be cordial enough to have a chat between shots from the likes of me gliding along on my EZGO. Best of luck, Barry!

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