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After 33 years of wishing he could spend more time playing golf, retirement at age 55 presented an opportunity for Barry Gibbons to push his golf limits.  On this site vicariously golf daily with Barry, and set the record for most rounds walking and carrying a full golf bag….

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  • Cynthia Hoff Photo

    Barry Gibbons 2016

Photographer extraordinaire, Cynthia Hoff, caught Barry in this pose when playing a round with him one day in March.

26 thoughts on “About Barry”

  1. So inspired, Barry!

    Enjoyed seeing you and Joy the other day. I look forward to sharing many more rounds on your way to crushing this record.


  2. Barry,
    Cole and Jack enjoyed playing with you Monday while they practiced for the Legends Junior Tour – Jimmy Demaret Classic at Flintrock. You had some great advice for them on how to play that challening course! I enjoyed getting to spend the day with a local celebrity!

    Best of luck on this journey. I’m sure you will have some amazing stories to pass on to your future grand kids.

    Lauren Sherwood
    PS – let us know if you ever want to come as our guest to River Place. Cole practically lives there when he is not in school. You would definitely earn your ice cream walking that course!

  3. Dave and I think you are amazing and love running into you on the course! Best of luck to a super nice (and driven) guy!!

  4. Hey Barry, met you this weekend and pulling for you everyday as you walk by #13 at the Hills…while I’m working in my office.

    Good luck!

  5. Barry, I really enjoyed playing 21 holes with you last Friday. Thanks for the tips on several putts. I’m pulling for you to blow away the record. Take care of your feet.

    See you out there.

  6. Barry,

    Cathi and I are impressed and pulling for you. We live on number three at The Hills and see you go by. Best of luck.

    Sam and Cathi Duncan

  7. Good for you. When you play the 612th round, please let me know as I’d like to go out to walk the course with you just to witness it. I live in Denver. Sounds like fun.

    I admire anyone who walks and carries the clubs. I always carried up until last year. I don’t like using a push cart but I’m a bit older now (66) and now carrying much too much weight. But if I can lose some pounds (am working on it) I’ll start carrying again.

    A sidebar: Walking eighteen holes taxes me now. The more I play, though, the easier it is.

    When I was 16 I played 54 holes of golf in one day at Willis Case in Denver with my friend, Rusty, both of us carrying our clubs. We were the first ones off in the morning dew and finished just after 10:00. We were having a coke and a burger and noticed nobody was teeing off, the course was wide open, so we decided to play a second round. We finished that round just about 3:30 and noticed that everybody was waiting for four o’clock to buy nine hole tickets and the course was wide open again so we decided to play another round. We were the last pair coming up 18 that evening, maybe the last on the course, just before sunset. What a great day! And Willis Case is a beautiful course with the Rocky Mountains to the west and spectacular sunsets! One of the best days of my life.

    So kudos to you with what you’re doing. May God bless your feet as you pursue your goal.

    You are making some birdies, aren’t you?

    All the best,

    Patricio Córdova

  8. Jerry and I have played a number of rounds with Barry this year . The last one (his 602nd) was last Wednesday . We also had a fun evening together at our house. Great going Barry. Well Done.!! The course didnt feel right to us today without seeing you. XO mil
    Ps. Joy. I bugged him to eat right. Use sunscreen and drink more water. All to no avail but I tried.

  9. Congratulations Barry from Adrian & young Ollie – we played with you at Ridgefield at the end of June. If you’re ever in Kent let me know – there are a few links courses you’d love. All the best and well done. Adrian Richardson & Ollie Bradburn

  10. Congrats Barry !! (B) so proud to know you … Keep going and reach your goal . Miss seeing your smile in the pro shop eating Popsicles … We are rooting for you !
    Pam and Guilina 👍

  11. Vince and I loved playing with you this summer and we wanted to congratulate you on being the world record holder. All the best Rich Carr

  12. Barry,
    Lisa and I really enjoyed playing with you yesterday. I’m sure we’ll see you one of these mornings… 😉

    Good luck hitting the 850!


  13. Hey Barry,

    Really amazed of your record.
    Well done mate,I wish I could do it,or I wish I could meet you and play a round with you.
    All the best,
    Ram from Madrid,Spain.

  14. Hi, Barry —
    I’m an editor at LINKS and we’d like to feature you in our December digital issue. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you,

  15. So excited for Barry, Joy and family. Today is the big day!!! Barry’s focus and drive (pardon the pun) are truly inspirational. It is clear why he is so successful in business and family life. Joy is amazing too.! The stats below are awesome!

  16. Congratulations on an incredible accomplishment! Records are made to be broken, but this one may stand forever. Glad to see that your wife fully supported you. Truly a team effort!

  17. Congratulations my friend!! What record is next? 🙂 Hope to cross paths with you in 2017…perhaps in Ridgefield or at ‘The Hills’. My best to Joy, and happy new year! Tim

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