Current Record-Broken!


Barry broke the record on September 18, 2016 with his father at Valley Country Club in Denver, Colorado. For more info click here.

See the Golf Digest story (don’t miss the video with it!) here, with the title containing the descriptor, “world’s most avid golfer”.
The author, Alex Meyers, tries to make a fair assessment of Barry’s sanity. Well done! But you will have to read the article to determine Alex’s verdict.

The previous record for most rounds walking in a year was set in 2010 in Las Colinas, TX by a 64 year old retired insurance company executive, Richard Lewis. It stood at 611 rounds

Barry and Stewart McGregor, our golf pro friend from England, played a round with Richard Lewis AFTER Barry has beaten Richard’s record. See the post of that round by clicking here.
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(I am leaving the rest of the page for historical purposes. It seems funny now.)
If Barry could play every day of the year, that would mean an average of 1.67 rounds per day. Obviously, not every day is playable, so Barry is trying to do an average of 2 rounds per day. AND the definition of “playable weather” has been extended slightly, from what most would have considered crazy already!

Prior to that the record of 586 rounds was set in 1998 in Ohio.

Most Rounds Walking in 2016