I am asked on almost a daily basis if the golf record is being done in the name of a charity, so that people can show support by donating to a cause.

In the beginning, that was the intent… but setting up a system for making all that work didn’t happen before suddenly it was January 1, 2016 and no time for Barry to do anything but “golf himself into oblivion” (to quote the wise crack from Cheryl (with emphasis on the wise))!

And so my current thought for anyone so inclined…
I have been working since about 2004 with which was started by a veteran as a way to make sure soldiers who do not receive care packages from their families, are still not forgotten by our grateful country.

Our family does not have any friends/family currently deployed, so I have used this site and their process to make contact and send to soldiers from all the branches of the deployed military over the years. The concept is great, and primarily they act as a matching site between needs and volunteers.

However, they do take donations and the explanation of what they do with the funds is here in their Note to Supporters of Any Soldier

I can vouch for them through years of use of their services and the amazing feedback from the troops, so I feel good saying… If you feel the inclination please go to and scroll down about halfway to their donation section. And by all means, read all about them and send a few care packages, if you have the time and desire to make a difference in the morale of our troops in this manner.

Use the comment area if you want to mention that you donated, and always thank you for supporting our military!

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