Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about breaking the golf record… **Note: View this from a desktop or laptop, if you can. I have disabled some of the cool effects for mobile devices. Your data plans will thank me.**

    • Does Barry do a push-cart, carry only, or mix it up?    Always, always, always carries a full bag, including all the treasure-hunt balls he can find when play is slow.
    • From which tees does Barry play?  Another always.  From “the tips”.
    • Is there anything that is hurting him physically?  Mostly, it is his feet.  Sometimes neck and shoulder, but the feet will be the issue for Barry.
    • Does Barry post his scores and what is his handicap?  He religiously posts his scores, and as of this writing his handicap is 2.5.  That last round of the day, when he is tired, will probably keep his handicap in check.
    • Does he stop to eat, or eat on the course?  In a word, neither.  Editorial comment (Webmaster’s prerogative) is that this will catch up with him.  The occasional Snickers or Fritos snack, won’t fuel endurance, and skinny isn’t necessarily healthy. (a little cyber nagging never hurt anyone..)
    • Does he go through sunscreen like crazy? Barry doesn’t use sunscreen. (see cyber nagging comment above)
    • Does he go through shoes like crazy?  You can only put so many miles on a pair of shoes.  They are like his tires out there!  Several pairs (he rotates…but they are always, always Foot Joys) are wearing out fast.  Shout out to FootJoy for being very generous this year!
  • How do I (Joy) handle this record setting business?  My answer could be long, but let’s just say I am figuring out what record I want to set, doing something I love doing, so that there is no question about me going out to do it!!  It is a brilliant strategy, if you think about it…
  • How many gloves has Barry worn out?  Another absolute!  Never, ever does he wear one.  Don’t try this at home and here is why…
  • How does Barry play so many holes in a day without getting held up by other groups? Are courses helping his cause with certain accommodations? (from Cam V.)   Barry religiously sets his alarm every morning so that he can make tee times a week in advance.  The system allows times to be made at 7:00 am each day, for play a week out.  He competes with other members for the first tee time of the day, and he’s become pretty adept at quickly locking in the first tee time (8:00 this time of year).  Then he has an open golf course in front of him, and can play his initial round of the day in 2 to 2 1/4 hours.  He then makes a second tee time for around 10:30 and as you might expect, that round doesn’t go quite so quickly- typically 4+ hours.  It’s not often that 2 rounds a day is sufficient for Barry, so he’ll play another 9 or 18 on most days.  For the past 3 months, he’s played 54 holes on almost every day! This time of year (December) there’s less daylight, but also fewer people out later in the day.  So, he can generally move pretty quickly on this third round and get it in before sunset.  A typical day has Barry leaving the house at 7:40, and returning at dark.
    Barry is pretty adamant about not getting any “help” from the courses.  He doesn’t want any special treatment, as he believes this might create some resentment from other members, and he wants to avoid that.  He has no interest in becoming a distraction or a problem for the other members.  With that said, the interest from the club members has been surprising, not to mention the fantastic support Barry has received from everyone.  All the regular golfers know what he’s up to, and regularly want updates from him as to; how he’s progressing, how he feels and is holding up, and how far he plans to go (or thinks he can go).  It’s not at all unusual for members to let him tee off when he’s ready to go, or wave him through if it’s clear ahead so he doesn’t have to wait. They likely don’t want to have to have Barry in their rear view mirror all day.  And while Barry doesn’t want any special treatment, the staff at the club takes really good care of him.  I know Barry really appreciates the relationships he shares with all the employees at both TX and CT courses.
  • Is Barry crazy?  (This is actually THE most frequently asked question (to Joy))  I will let you be the judge, but as Cheryl says, he “golfs himself into oblivion”.   And as I say, “he has no off button”.  Update:  Another great quote.  This time from Tina L.  “Someone should take the key out of his back!”
  • Does Barry have to play a minimum yardage/have to play from the tips?  Barry submitted his info to Guinness saying a minimum of 6400 yards each round.  Therefore, the tips are just his icing on the cake.  But as he pointed out, the back tees don’t add that many more steps.  In some cases he would have to walk right by them…
  • Is Barry going for most holes or rounds? Richard Lewis’ previous record of 611 was most rounds.  Therefore, Barry only counts in 9 hole increments.  For example,  if the sun is setting, but he could only get in about 5 holes… he stops.  His minimum is 9 holes at a time.  This adds an additional time challenge for sure.  Especially on days with slow play.
  • What is Barry’s lowest score for 18?  Currently 69
  • What is in the bag? (question thanks to Matt I, Rick C. and more) Barry answered himself…
    Pretty “old school” actually.  I have Ben Hogan irons, 2-E (the E is the Hogan “Equalizer” which is a pitching wedge”).  I have been playing these irons since 2003, I think.  52, 56, and 60 degree wedges, also Hogan, Colonial model.   Putter is a simple blade, a classic Wilson 8802.  Pretty similar to what Phil Mickelson uses.  I get a bit more modern with the woods…Titleist 913-D3 driver, with 9.5 degree loft, adjusted to 9 degrees.  Titleist 913F 3 wood, 15 degrees.  If you’re counting, you’ll notice that this is not USGA compliant, as there are 15 clubs listed.  Depends on the course which ones get to go out and play. (Here is what Rick said after seeing Barry’s answer…  ” It’s so “Barry” to call himself on the 14-club rule! ”  True…very true, RIck.  Barry always stays compliant.)
  • Any Holes in One?  Take a walk with Barry to see if he made an ace in this video .  *Update* Barry had a hole in one on #14 The Hills, on October 1st.
  • What does Barry do “in his spare time”?  This one cracks me up.  He reads golf rule books, of course!  See some of his favorites by clicking here.
  • Will Barry Burn-out on Golf After This?  Barry’s answer is, if he thought this would jeopardize his love of golf- he wouldn’t do it!  He wants to play golf until “the end”…

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