Fifteen Thousand Holes

With 73 degrees today here, it was hard to imagine my mother shoveling snow in Michigan. Barry can average 3 rounds a day in this weather, even with the sunset at 5:35 p.m.
Sunday it is expected to be 37 degrees, so he needs to make hay while the sun shines.
Any guesses for the final number as it approaches?
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One thought on “Fifteen Thousand Holes”

  1. Barry will become a legend after all this, but Joy…you are my hero. Love, devotion and commitment fall short in explaining your part in all this, so kudos to you. Barry just plays golf all day, so his job is easy (I jokingly say, because I’m sure he is exhausted), but you have to keep the machine going. I hope you both enjoy some time in those beach chairs come 2017 and a few umbrella drinks as well.

    One question. He has obviously gained some celebrity out of all this. Has that celebrity garnished a round at Augusta..for both of you I hope? If not, keep you fingers crossed, as I’m sure it will come.

    Regards, Randy Egner

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