Golf Digest Article and Video

Alex Meyers from Golf Digest actually went to Ridgefield, CT to play a round with Barry in mid-September.  We are not sure how he first heard of the record breaking, but being a golfer he was instantly interested.  The Ridgefield Golf Course helped me set up a round from London, because reaching Barry just doesn’t happen.

Barry had torn something in his rib/underarm that made his swing difficult, so he doesn’t like the tee shot captured in the video.  He was using the “stress method” for injuries; Just keep stressing the area until it starts to feel better… usually within a month, or a hundred rounds, whichever comes first.

Thanks to Alex Meyers for not being too blatant about saying how crazy Barry is!!!

Golf Digest Article and Video: 850 Rounds in a Year? Our Day With the World’s Most Avid Golfer


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