Most Holes in a Day, Walking

Another new record set.  This one, a personal one.  And anyone ready to act like it is no biggie… just THINK about it!!

90 Holes in ONE DAY.  Ninety.  Nine Zero. FIVE ROUNDS. 28.7 miles.

Here is the photo Barry sent me of the end of his round…


In other words, glow-in-the-dark balls needed.

Is that an abandoned car you ask? ….. NO! That is just Barry Gibbons’ car. He is out there finishing up his day of golf!

2 thoughts on “Most Holes in a Day, Walking”

  1. Just read the GD article and popped over. You are an inspiration. As a kid we’d sometimes loop 54 holes in a day at the local 9 hole muni but 90 never came into the picture.

    I was on a golf trip to Scotland this last summer and a few guys were playing something like 10 18s on June 21st (obviously) and were walking but had a support crew with buggies with their clubs and lots of snacks. Difference is that they admitted that they would be not walking for a few days after while you keep getting on…

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