What is Wrong With This Picture?

If you are old enough, think back to your monthly issue of Highlights Magazine (or if you grew up like me… you only ever got to see this kid’s mag. if you got sick or had a dentist appointment.  Then you went to the doctor’s office and you could look at their Highlights Magazines (and some other kid had already written in all the answers! Who’s mother let them DO that?   AND just for the record… Kid, you got some of the answers wrong!))

Anyway, I digressed…

Remember the “Find What is Wrong With This Picture”?

Below you will find three photos .

In the first two play “what is wrong with this picture”.  In the third, play “what is wrong with this man?”

Then if you want to… use the comments section to guess the “WHY did he do that?” on the first two…


Here is photo number 1

What is Wrong With This Picture?



Photo number 2 is more blatant/easy.  It was during the third round of play for the day.  After 42 holes!

Scroll down…


What is Wrong With This Picture?




And last but certainly not least….


If you guessed correctly on “why?” for the above 2 photos (use comment section below this entire post), then you know it is inevitable this last one happened…


Scroll down…..


This was right at 53 holes for the day… Walking barefoot, carrying 2 bags, and still playing good golf 🙂


What is Wrong With This Man?

(my answer is nothing…absolutely nothing!)






120 Rounds

120 Rounds on the 59th day of the year!  I would say that is about 2 a day average….

Still feels WAY behind average of 2.5 a day (where Barry was before we left for Hawaii).  So it feels like 2 a day is not that great (…to Barry…but sane people are usually impressed).

And it is 21.34 rounds ahead of “pace” to beat the record of 611.

Number of hours this has all taken?  Barry has spent over 2 weeks golfing this year (closer to 15 days, actually).


Friday February 26th- Four in the Dark

Barry had an appointment today, so played 2 rounds, left, and came back for more around 3:50.

I walked (and played)  with him on the last tee time.  No one was out there, but we had a five-some behind us.  When we were approaching the green on number 4 at The Hills,  they were just finishing up on number 2!  Glad we got out ahead.  And I think they were too, because they were just having a fun time with no sense of urgency.  We, on the other hand, were in a race with the sun!

I went into the Hills to have an adult beverage and wait for Barry to play 4 more holes, starting at 6:30.  When I told Paul, the bartender, that Barry would be there in a few minutes because he still had 4 holes, Paul said, “Uhhh… he does know it is dark out…doesn’t he?”

You gotta do what you gotta do…

Feb 22nd Dad’s Birthday, 54 Holes, 730 Miles

Barry’s dad turned 82 today and he would love to come from Denver to golf some rounds during the record-breaking year.  He (Barry’s dad) will have to do a cart, but it would be a memory-maker, driving alongside his son. Hope it happens.

At 730 miles that is like walking from Denver to Salt Lake City and back!  Another perspective… it is equal to over 27 marathons in 53 days… A marathon distance every 2 days!

No wonder it is a challenge to keep the feet feeling good, and the Christmas present golf bag is already wearing out!

100th Round on Feb 21st

But that was not the last round of the day!  Two kids and a wife joined for round #101, ending the day on a good note.  All of them also walked the 18 holes.

The consensus is that they like going directly to their shots and not having to worry about the carts.  Also, that although 18 walking tires out mere mortals (to about the same degree that 54 seems to tire Mr. Record Breaker), it is not until about the last 5 holes that it is noticeable.  This photo makes it look like the older generation had a few flat tires…




This one is end of round, walking up number 18 Flintrock.


After a walking 6 or 7 miles one has had enough exercise to work up a big appetite.  Lupe Tortilla here we come!

Out of solidarity we will be a walking  golf family for a while…

54 Holes Three Days in a Row!

Feb 18th, 19th and 20th!  And still not caught up to pre-vacation pace!  The weather makes it hard not to just keep going (and going).

First round of the day can be done in roughly 2 hours, if get first tee-time or close.  Second round under three hours.

What is hard is when the 3rd round of the day takes longer than the other two combined!

It has happened 🙂

February 14-15th

Behind pace no with the vacation, and the weather is cooperating nicely.  54 holes each of the last 2 days.  The old feet feel like there were never any days just relaxing on the beach.   Thank goodness valentine’s can be supportive of golf records and play together on such a beautiful day.  Joy walked an entire 18 out of solidarity!

Thank goodness for Mr Epsom and those salts.  Sore muscles + sore feet = Jacuzzi

Most Rounds Walking in 2016