850 Surpassed!

Many of you remember Barry saying he hoped to get to 850. Well, I secretly knew that if he said that, he would be sure he blew past it.

And he did. This morning. He would have made it last night but this pesky thing called sunset, got in his way.

Nevermind that it was one of the shortest days of the year…

Cold as Ice

When a golfer goes out when the frost is barely gone, sometimes a golfer sees something very fleeting, and quite beautiful. 

Hard to believe it got to 57 degrees today, and tomorrow will be 68 and sunny…

843 and Course is Closed

It looks a lot warmer out there than it is… Yesterday the high temp was 79 degrees.

Today it is high of 34 with 15 mph winds, for a “feels like” temp in the low 20’s all day! Barry will have to remain having racked up only 65K strokes for a few more hours.

I don’t know which is more frustrating for Barry. The fact that he cannot play golf, or that he can’t get the old soundbar to work with the new TV. Not a good day…

We all know that if our Golf Course wasn’t closed Barry would be out there regardless of the mercury reading, don’t we?

p.s. Last night we were invited to hear an entertaining young Nashville singer in the home of golf friends, Klas and Lisa. He looks like Opie and sounds like Thomas Rhett, and has a great sense of humor.

Check out SteveEverett.net or http://steveeverett.tumblr.com/ For a catchy and fun new addition to your Christmas Music Playlist go to itunes and check out “Love in Snow” after searching for Steve Everett.

Fifteen Thousand Holes

With 73 degrees today here, it was hard to imagine my mother shoveling snow in Michigan. Barry can average 3 rounds a day in this weather, even with the sunset at 5:35 p.m.
Sunday it is expected to be 37 degrees, so he needs to make hay while the sun shines.
Any guesses for the final number as it approaches?
Comment on this post or email to questions@breakthegolfrecord.com

105 DAYS Spent Playing Golf

Barry has been on the golf course more than the equivalent of 105 full 24 hour days! Not working hours. Not daylight hours. One hundred and five full cycles.
In other words, about one third of his 2016 year-to-date. And he has been doing some sleeping. That doesn’t leave time for much else.

In addition, he has racked up 1,459,000 Calories burned and refueled with Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate (or when he has a wild hair…Blue Bell Vanilla!)

The home stretch is containing more 3 round days than I had expected. Barry went out today when it was still only 35 degrees. It warmed all the way up to 45 though by afternoon. The cold snap is in Texas too…

The 800th Round!

Kinda hard to tell if this was taken in Austin or CT, right?
There has been rain for several days in a row here in Austin. You would think that would mean not making any progress, right? How does 9 rounds in 3 days grab ya?
Here is a sneak peek of how Barry’s feet stayed dry.

Unbelieveably, they really stayed dry!

You Didn’t Expect Barry to Go to CT and NOT Play, Did You?

In fact,bmgrainyct-min he was able to get in a total of 11 rounds in 9 days. As you can see the weather was less than stellar, but that didn’t stop him. When the entire course is casual water, one’s ball doesn’t get much roll…

Imagine if all this rain had been snow! The good news is there was no one else crazy enough to tough it out, so he could keep a good pace. Sloshy, but timely…

…and yes, he did catch a chest cold 🙁

Two Generations of Barrys Playing Together

We were lucky enough to entice Barry’s Uncle Barry and Cousin Melissa to Austin, to play a few rounds (and EAT… They are my eating buddies)

At 80 years old, UB (as I call him) kept up with his namesake like a champ! Missy and I were potentially more tired than he was.
bmgubmissbackporchcrpThis is us waiting for Barry to finish his third round so we could go to dinner at Napa Flats.
Thanks to Uncle Barry and Missy for an awesome visit during the epic golf year of 2016.
See? Eating buddies! Where was Barry? Do you really need to ask?

Most Rounds Walking in 2016