Golf Record Interview on NPR Today

NPR News’ Jordan-Marie Smith, from the show All Things Considered, interviewed Barry on the phone yesterday, about breaking and now setting the new golf record.  I have embedded the audio below. It was a long interview and edited WAY down to the important stuff. Hearing his voice recorded makes Barry “cringe”, he says 🙂


The 700th Round

Another big milestone… Round 700


Teeing off it was a little chilly, but it was a slow round so plenty of time to warm up.  In fact, it was slow enough for Barry to nap and Larry to rearrange his cart, while we waited on number 12.bmglhk700-min

Since Barry is already over 700 rounds I guess some people think he walks on water…bmgwaterfall700-min but he is really just looking for “pearls” (new Prov1’s).  No risk of falling and cutting this quest short, or anything silly like that!

Round completed and we all played well, even though we fought the wind for a good portion of it. 700 is in the rear view mirror.bmgjhglhk700th-min

Now Barry’s term “on pace” has a new meaning.  Is he on pace to reach 850 rounds?  Our 8 day trip back to CT for Thanksgiving may pose a problem.


Golf Digest Article and Video

Alex Meyers from Golf Digest actually went to Ridgefield, CT to play a round with Barry in mid-September.  We are not sure how he first heard of the record breaking, but being a golfer he was instantly interested.  The Ridgefield Golf Course helped me set up a round from London, because reaching Barry just doesn’t happen.

Barry had torn something in his rib/underarm that made his swing difficult, so he doesn’t like the tee shot captured in the video.  He was using the “stress method” for injuries; Just keep stressing the area until it starts to feel better… usually within a month, or a hundred rounds, whichever comes first.

Thanks to Alex Meyers for not being too blatant about saying how crazy Barry is!!!

Golf Digest Article and Video: 850 Rounds in a Year? Our Day With the World’s Most Avid Golfer


A Tribute to Arnold Palmer

There is an interesting back story to the day Barry played 90 holes in one day. It was the day Arnold Palmer was buried. Barry decided to play 87 holes- one for each year of Arnie’s life.
Well you “can’t not” play the last 3 holes to complete the round, now can you? Even if it is pitch dark outside? He got it done.

Arnie has been beloved by us ever since our honeymoon, when we joined Arnie’s Army for an afternoon at Kapalua on Maui.

Arnie ducked under the ropes while walking up the fairway, put his arm around me (Joy) and said to Barry, “Well? Are you going to take a picture?” He then signed my Kapalua visor and was off! I recovered about 10 minutes later, realizing what had just happened.

That photo (blown up to an 8 by 10) was signed by Arnie at Cherry Hills Country Club in Colorado, years later, thanks to my sister-in-law Mary working there during a tournament.

A personal memento we have of a classy man, and great golfer. Barry’s 90 holes were in his honor.

The ALMOST End Injury Alert

Barry had been saying he thought something with his feet would cause him to have to stop racking up the rounds. Well, a retracting shelf in the dumb refrigerator we have in Austin (hate it), caused a jar of jalapenos to leap out at Barry and shatter on the floor. By the time I got there the puddle of blood was huge and the blood was arching into the air with each heartbeat. A piece of glass had hit him exactly puncturing an artery and no other cuts.
I wanted to drive him to the ER, he wanted to eat leftover rice…bmginjured-ftcrp-min
A little tape applied very tightly around the foot and the blood sugar boost of the rice and he was back out there playing within the hour. So much for the emergency room…

Most Holes in a Day, Walking

Another new record set.  This one, a personal one.  And anyone ready to act like it is no biggie… just THINK about it!!

90 Holes in ONE DAY.  Ninety.  Nine Zero. FIVE ROUNDS. 28.7 miles.

Here is the photo Barry sent me of the end of his round…


In other words, glow-in-the-dark balls needed.

Is that an abandoned car you ask? ….. NO! That is just Barry Gibbons’ car. He is out there finishing up his day of golf!

Round With the Previous Record Holder

Richard Lewis, the Las Colinas resident who previously held the record of 611 rounds, hosted Barry and Stewart (our golf-pro friend from London) for a round at his club.

Richard couldn’t have been more gracious and supportive.  Barry had already beaten Richard’s record but he is cheering Barry on to 850 rounds!

The Record Breaker Speaks!

Today, I achieved a goal that I had set for myself last year. I played my 611th and 612th rounds of golf this year, having walked each and every one of them. I had the pleasure of playing #612 with my father, at the club where he has been a member for 50 years, and where I learned to play this great game.


This breaks a world record held by Richard Lewis in Dallas, TX. Little did I know when I undertook this challenge, just how much effort, dedication, and commitment would be required to get across the line. Until one undertakes an extreme challenge like this, you just can’t appreciate how difficult it can be. Needless to say, I have tremendous respect for Richard Lewis and appreciate the inspiration his record provided to me.

When I undertook this quest, I was simply doing so for the personal challenge…to see if I could achieve it, and to get myself back into a good, fit condition after spending 34 years in the corporate world. There was (and still is) zero level of interest in any publicity associated with it, but that has gotten more difficult to avoid. I have been truly amazed at the level of interest from my friends, golfing partners, acquaintances, strangers, magazines, newspapers, etc. It’s interesting to see how people learn of what you are doing, and have a genuine interest in how you’re progressing. The support I’ve received has been very motivational. Once you go public with something like this, and people are behind you, you really don’t want to let them down…even if it’s something as silly as playing golf. I want to thank everyone for the constant support, particularly on those long days when I was trudging through round 3 or 4. Particularly, my friends at The Hills of Lakeway and Ridgefield Golf Club. The staffs at both clubs have been so accommodating in helping me to get in as many rounds as I have.

More than anything else however, the unwavering support of my wonderful wife Joy has enabled me to pursue this dream. Unquestionably, she is the best thing that ever happened to me in life. Neither of us recognized how consuming this pursuit would be, and just how little time it would leave for me to do much of anything else. Thus, everything has fallen into Joy’s hands for the past 9 months and there hasn’t been a single time when she has complained, been frustrated, or resentful. For those of you that know Joy, I know that you are not surprised. And for those that don’t know her, you should because they just don’t come any better.

For you Joy I simply cite the following song lyrics since I couldn’t say it better myself.

And I’m gonna make you this promise
If there’s life after this
I’m gonna be there to meet you with a warm, wet kiss


….I don’t ever wanna wake up looking into someone else’s eyes.
Another voice calling me baby on the other end of the phone.
A new girl putting on her makeup before dinner on Friday night.
No I don’t ever wanna know-oh-oh,
No other shotgun rider beside me singing to the radioooooooo.
No other shotgun rider….

So, where do we go from here?
I’m going to try and obliterate the record. Take it to a new level. My target is 850 rounds. That leaves me 230 to go, with about 104 days to go. That’s only 2.2 rounds per day….piece of cake, can coast home from here! That’s it for now, time to play some golf.

Record-Tying Round 611

Round Number 611, tying the existing record set by Richard Lewis in 2010 was played with a good friend whom we both worked with at IBM, Rich Blakeman.

They played at Meadow Hills Golf Course in Aurora, Colorado. These guys had not seen each other in years, but Rich has been very supportive of this quest from the moment he heard about it.bmg1stmeadowhills-min
Rich did a great job of taking pics like I would had I been there. This first photo is of their balls on the green. Guess which one is Barry’s? (Sorry, Rich but you have not been playing as many rounds as he has…)

He took these shots of Barry taking the ball out of the hole for the last time before  being in record-breaking territory.



Here is what Rich said about it;

“….. on the 18th green of #611.

The pic of him by the flag with the two balls…is showing where he was after a pitch compared to mine (in the distance).

I told him I couldn’t give him his short put on the 18th hole of 611. Any other hole, that was good”

Most Rounds Walking in 2016