Recommended Reading and Rules

Barry reads golf books at night like other people read novels.  There are some great (and interestingly presented) books on the rules of golf.

Here are a few of Barry’s collection. Be sure to get the 2016 editions! It is easy using these Amazon links, and get Amazon Prime free for 30 days using this link = Free 2 day shipping, supporting this site. (If getting any products eligible for Prime)

The list starts with a favorite because the photos and illustrations are so great!

This one is like a history lesson on situations encountered, and decisions made… based on the application of which rules.  Fascinating!  (No, it really is!!) It is much easier to remember the rules when they are applied to a real life situation…

Another go-to (based on dog-ear-ed-ness and book marks) is a tried and true favorite, though not as updated. It is explained by Tom Watson.

What is your favorite golf book?

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