The 800th Round!

Kinda hard to tell if this was taken in Austin or CT, right?
There has been rain for several days in a row here in Austin. You would think that would mean not making any progress, right? How does 9 rounds in 3 days grab ya?
Here is a sneak peek of how Barry’s feet stayed dry.

Unbelieveably, they really stayed dry!

One thought on “The 800th Round!”

  1. Barry…my son (who is at school in California) and I were debating if you will play more rounds in one year than I have lifetime. It will be close at 40 years x 20 rounds per year = 800 + the years I played every day in the summers.

    I still think I win by that measure, but no where close to your lifetime rounds after this great year of accomplishment.

    Keep going strong.

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