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Barry broke the record on September 18, 2016 at Valley Country Club in Englewood, Colorado, playing with his father Edward Gibbons, age 82.
The closest guess was Rich Blakeman, who guessed September 28.

Barry almost made it to Philip McGill’s guess (of 900) for total rounds, reaching 878. Barry even beat his own guess (or should I say goal?) of 850, by a pretty large margin.


The two wagers I keep hearing most are:

  1. When (what day) he will beat the record?
  2. How many rounds will he end up with?

Additional common questions have been:

3. How many miles will he have walked?

4. When will he make it halfway to the old record of 611?

If you would like to weigh in on the answers:

use the “Leave a Reply” section below and specify which question number(s) you are guessing onBe sure to hit the green POST COMMENT button to submit.

Bragging rights is all you will win, but the “winning guessers” will be posted…

7 thoughts on “Your Best Guess”

  1. 1. October 29
    2. 650

    I’m going to think about 3 and 4 and post again!

  2. Barry, I admire your efforts…there is no way I want to walk a single round of golf. In 1998, I went for a world record for most holes played in a week. I thought I broke the record and the Guinness informed me they told me the wrong number to shoot for. I raised money and awareness for prostate cancer…it took my father’s life the year before – and unfortunately, I never played a round of golf with him.

    In 2007, I played approximately 914 rounds of golf – 839.5 of those round were I able to post (living in Indiana). I am approaching 8 years of playing at least 2 holes of golf everyday. Most are of those days are at least 9 holes, but when you are playing in up to 15 inches of snow and wind chills approaching – 40 degrees, I am happy to get at least two holes in.

    I have had a goal of playing at least 1000 rounds in a year and this year I plan to retire, so 2017 would probably be the best year to try it.

    I have no interest in any further Guinness records since I feel let down all those that helped me in my first attempt.

    However, I would love to create a group of avid golfers that might get together at least once a year.

    I have two chapters of a book I would like to share about being an avid golfer. I’ve been thinking about it for years, however, I only have two chapters written. This would not be a book I would like to make any money on at all. I would like to have a non-profit where males get a free PSA exam the week before father’s day and if they do, they get a free round of golf on father’s day weekend (if playing with a paid relative).

    I am Facebook friends with Richard Lewis and I think it would be great if a group of avid golfers got together once a year. I might be able to include a chapter in my book about each avid golfer.

    Would you be interested?

    I admire and respect your World Record Attempt. Like I said, I have no desire to play one round of golf walking. Good Luck in your attempt and I hope to hear from you.


    Kent Workman

  3. Barry…A fantastic record! Congratulations! I thought I was doing well by playing 200 rounds per year, both walking and carrying. 850 rounds is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Of course, I was 74 when I played the 200, but still….

    I’ve since been diagnosed with cancer of the bone marrow (Multiple Myeloma) and underwent a bone marrow transplant on 7/13, and find that playing nine holes every other day is great therapy.

    Hang in there…and keep playing the game we love.

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