What is Wrong With This Picture?

If you are old enough, think back to your monthly issue of Highlights Magazine (or if you grew up like me… you only ever got to see this kid’s mag. if you got sick or had a dentist appointment.  Then you went to the doctor’s office and you could look at their Highlights Magazines (and some other kid had already written in all the answers! Who’s mother let them DO that?   AND just for the record… Kid, you got some of the answers wrong!))

Anyway, I digressed…

Remember the “Find What is Wrong With This Picture”?

Below you will find three photos .

In the first two play “what is wrong with this picture”.  In the third, play “what is wrong with this man?”

Then if you want to… use the comments section to guess the “WHY did he do that?” on the first two…


Here is photo number 1

What is Wrong With This Picture?



Photo number 2 is more blatant/easy.  It was during the third round of play for the day.  After 42 holes!

Scroll down…


What is Wrong With This Picture?




And last but certainly not least….


If you guessed correctly on “why?” for the above 2 photos (use comment section below this entire post), then you know it is inevitable this last one happened…


Scroll down…..


This was right at 53 holes for the day… Walking barefoot, carrying 2 bags, and still playing good golf 🙂


What is Wrong With This Man?

(my answer is nothing…absolutely nothing!)






4 thoughts on “What is Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. Understand barefoot but don’t understand 2 bags UNLESS, Joy was with you and being the gentleman you are, you also carried for her.

  2. there is no place on this website to contact barry to offer carrying his bag during his quest, jon jono78734@gmai;.com

  3. I am uncle Barry Gibbons and have played fewer than 15 rounds of golf so far this year but the number of strokes I have taken is probably equivalent to 30 rounds of my nephew Barry Gibbons

    You are impressive

    Uncle Barry

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