843 and Course is Closed

It looks a lot warmer out there than it is… Yesterday the high temp was 79 degrees.

Today it is high of 34 with 15 mph winds, for a “feels like” temp in the low 20’s all day! Barry will have to remain having racked up only 65K strokes for a few more hours.

I don’t know which is more frustrating for Barry. The fact that he cannot play golf, or that he can’t get the old soundbar to work with the new TV. Not a good day…

We all know that if our Golf Course wasn’t closed Barry would be out there regardless of the mercury reading, don’t we?

p.s. Last night we were invited to hear an entertaining young Nashville singer in the home of golf friends, Klas and Lisa. He looks like Opie and sounds like Thomas Rhett, and has a great sense of humor.

Check out SteveEverett.net or http://steveeverett.tumblr.com/ For a catchy and fun new addition to your Christmas Music Playlist go to itunes and check out “Love in Snow” after searching for Steve Everett.

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