Hitting the Course After No Sleep!

The overnight flight from Maui gave us another whole day in the pool cabana, but the “change of equipment” on our flight left us with different seats than we had expected (or had boarding passes for)!  Consequently, not the sleep we had hoped to get.

Landed at 12:30 and on the course in time to get in 18 before dark!  Back in the saddle again…

How Much Golf in Hawaii?

It is February 1st and we are off to Hawaii until the 12th.  Going to stay at 75 rounds and having walked about a third of the miles between our house in Connecticut and our house in Austin.  Planning on not playing any golf while there.  Several people have questioned whether this is even possible!

The feet (especially one foot in particular) need the rest and so… maybe a completely golf free vacation!  Anyone want to weigh in on whether you believe Barry can go zero-golf for 12 days?

January 26

Played 63 holes with the same golf ball, affectionately known as “Titie 3” (pronounced tie-tee for the uninitiated).  It is a found ball with a Lexus Logo, if anyone is missing one!

63 holes helps with the pace significantly, but the feet are hurting…..  That would be 17.5 rounds ahead of pace!

January 14

The weather has been so nice that it has been difficult not to go hard and get ahead of “pace”.

The numbers explain the foot aches:

2802 Strokes     105.9 Hours     35 Rounds   630 Holes Walked      258.85 Miles     18.5 Miles Avg/Day



Most Rounds Walking in 2016