A Tribute to Arnold Palmer

There is an interesting back story to the day Barry played 90 holes in one day. It was the day Arnold Palmer was buried. Barry decided to play 87 holes- one for each year of Arnie’s life.
Well you “can’t not” play the last 3 holes to complete the round, now can you? Even if it is pitch dark outside? He got it done.

Arnie has been beloved by us ever since our honeymoon, when we joined Arnie’s Army for an afternoon at Kapalua on Maui.

Arnie ducked under the ropes while walking up the fairway, put his arm around me (Joy) and said to Barry, “Well? Are you going to take a picture?” He then signed my Kapalua visor and was off! I recovered about 10 minutes later, realizing what had just happened.

That photo (blown up to an 8 by 10) was signed by Arnie at Cherry Hills Country Club in Colorado, years later, thanks to my sister-in-law Mary working there during a tournament.

A personal memento we have of a classy man, and great golfer. Barry’s 90 holes were in his honor.

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